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phoenix kitchen remodel backsplash

The backsplash is a surprisingly affordable way to beautify and protect the kitchen wall at the same time! It’s funny because lots of people don’t even know that the backsplash serves a practical purpose so when having a Phoenix kitchen remodel, they often skip on this very useful feature. Pro Home Remodel does backsplashes and a lot more. If you previously did not consider having a backsplash installed in your kitchen, please read today’s blog post to learn why you absolutely should!

Protect Your Kitchen Walls!

There are many materials a kitchen backsplash can be made of, and they are all good at their primary job – protecting the wall from moisture. The kitchen, much like the bathroom, is a harsh environment for most building materials. As you prep the ingredients and cook, you are inevitably going to spill and splash some liquids against the wall. Kitchen fixtures mounted up against the wall don’t always sit completely flus, so it is possible that moisture drips down against the wall and eventually causes some damage, mildew, or even attracts pests. The backsplash prevents those liquids from ever contacting the wall material.

Backsplashes make any Kitchen Look Amazing

backsplash kitchen remodel in phoenix azThe most apparent benefit to adding a backsplash to your kitchen remodel in Phoenix is the fact that it will either be a focal point for the kitchen or it will accent other strong pieces. You have so much choice when designing a backsplash. The materials, colors, and patterns all allow for infinite customization. A backsplash can be a simple monochrome sheet, or a complex geometric shape fashioned out of lots of individually painted pieces of tile. On top of the practical benefits and added aesthetic quality, you are also adding value to the price of your home since kitchens are one of the very most important factors in selling a home.

Backsplashes do not absorb stains, so it is easy to just wipe a backsplash clean and be done with it. No more scrubbing or using harsh chemicals to clean your walls!

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