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Selling your home can be a tough and stressful process. With all of the uncertainty surrounding the market, potential buyers, and your choice of time to sell, the last thing you need is any part of your home hurting your chances of selling. One of the most neglected areas of the home during the pre-sale process is the bathroom. Here are the top three reasons why bathroom renovations are important and will save you the time during the sale process, ultimately putting more money in your pocket!

Wet Spaces Sell Homes

Have you ever heard the expression ‘kitchens sell homes’. Well, that isn’t exactly true. Buyers are increasingly demanding sleek, modern bathrooms to accompany their home. Like the kitchen, the bathroom is the second most visited room of the house, especially as this shared space is used by every family member and visitor! A poorly designed, or old, bathroom just won’t cut it with the modern buyer!

Renovators Want A Beautiful Bathroom 

Even if your home is a renovators delight, most renovators live within the house as it transforms. Like any person or family moving home, a renovator is still in need of a space that is clean, beautiful and allows them to escape the building chaos. A fresh refurbishment of the bathroom also allows potential renovators to envisage what the home could look like, enabling the buyer to imagine the property’s potential.

Add Luxury for Less

In the bathroom space, it is easy to create a luxurious, expensive feeling home without having to pay the big dollars to do so. While you don’t have the cost of appliances like you do in the kitchen, opulent alternatives for bathroom tap wear, sinks and toilets have become far more affordable. These easy switches allow you to bring in modern trends easily and instantly give a tired bathroom a much-needed boost!

This article was written in conjunction with Sydney Removals and storage company Hire A Mover.

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