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Pro Home Remodel employs expert roofers to get your residential roof like brand new! Whether you need tile roof repair or an entirely new roof, Pro Home Remodel is the one to call.

Why Choose Pro Home Remodel?

What sets us apart from the other roofing companies Buckeye AZ has to offer? We do not just offer great roof repair and installation, we offer better warranties than what is considered the norm in this industry. When you call Pro Home Remodel, you won’t simply be leaving a message to some answering machine. We will have an experienced roofer on the phone asking all the right questions and answering every question you have.[/column]

Check your roof ASAP

home additionMost Arizonans spend very little time thinking about their roof. Many understand that over time, the floor or plumbing may need a refresh, or that the kitchen may become outdated, but few are planning to have to have work done on the roof. In reality, the average roof in The Valley lasts about twenty years. It can be even less if you have large trees overhanging onto the roof causing damage directly or indirectly by allowing roof rat infestation. At any point in the 20-year period, roof repair may be necessary.

If your roof is near or past that 20-year mark, you should seriously consider an inspection. First, you can look at your own roof to see if there are any obvious signs of wear. Are any of the shingles damaged, missing, or warped? Do you notice any water leaking inside the home during a rainstorm? Arizona does not get a lot of rainy days, but during the monsoon season, the few days of rain we do get can be extremely intense. A large quantity of water in a short period of time can damage even the best of roofs.

Spanish Tile Roof Repair Buckeye AZ

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Buckeye AZ home owners can rely on us to repair any type of residential roof. We can work on all styles of residential roofing material. Need a Spanish roof repaired? We can match any kind of tile to perform your tile roof repair. A roof is too serious to leave to some fly by night “contractor”. You need to contact us, one of the most trusted roofing companies Phoenix has to offer.

Pro Home Remodel is here to serve the entire Phoenix Metro area with high-quality roofing services. We do both repairs and new roof installations. When you choose Pro Home Remodel, you are getting an entire team of highly trained and experienced roofers dedicated to your project.

Just give us a call and set up a roofing consultation. Our estimator carries all the samples with him, so the location you choose for the meeting becomes the showroom! Will will provide a thorough, expert inspection of your roof and then give you a full explanation of not only the issues with the roof but also all available solutions.

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